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Mixwell Soda Water 12 oz can Mixwell Tonic Water 12 oz can Premium Grapefruit Soda mixer Mixwell Premium Ginger Ale Mixer

We believe that the secret to life is the same as the secret to a decent cocktail: mix well. We crafted a range of premium mixers with flavor profiles specifically designed to complement the quality spirits they’re paired with. Then we set about finding like-minded people who wanted to mix well with us. We’re glad we found you. And we hope you share a drink with someone who’s ready to mix well, too.


Mixwell is a range of premium sodas created by veteran Hollywood bartender Billy Ray. Each flavor is inspired by Los Angeles and specifically crafted to pair with quality spirits. The unique, resealable can is designed to lock in the freshness between each pour ensuring every mix is a perfect mix.

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Los Angeles    

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Mixwell Los Angeles Can Pour Mixwell Can Shadow

The world is better when you mix well™

Mixwell Soda Water 12 oz can
Whiskey Ginger Animation

Crafted in Los Angeles

Tonic Cockatial Animation
Paloma Cockatail Animation

Designed For Better Mixing

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